Monitoring activity: records at any time the number of steps you walk, jog distance and calorie consumption, so you real-time monitoring his movement index, based on his height, weight and other parameters accurately calculate the calories burned

Monitoring the quality of sleep: according to your quality of sleep, calculate the depth and length of shallow sleep, then you have targeted to improve their living habits;No sound shaking reminder design used to remind you it’s time to wake up, eat

Smart Alarm&Sedentary Reminder You are not afraid your alarm would wake up others because this vibration function just wake you up! And you can add 10 alarms in the app.It will vibrate to remind you to have a rest so as to maintain a healthy body.

I5 Plus after updating:You can add a variety of sports(such as rope jumping, sit-ups, climbing, etc) and look for the phone, hang up the calling by bracelet, After connecting to the phone. Long press to Finding icon, the phone will raise the alarm. Dialing up the screen to hang up the phone. when you are not inconvenient to answer the phone.

I5 Plus after updating:The display screen and pushing information function for some special and overseas phone have been optimized .Home screen supports vertical display, incoming call and message are still horizontal display.


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