Ready to Cut the Cord?

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Sick of it?

Cut the cord but still receive HD TV – no monthly fee!

Cord cutter FREE HD stations!📡

Perfect HD TV for the cord-cutter!

Decibel HD-TV Long Range Digital Antenna & Amplifier

(Stunning Digital HDTV Indoor Antenna and Amplifier)



Cut the cord and enjoy FREE HD over air TV from up to 85 miles away!

  • HD TV including local stations
  • Digital signal amplifier included
  • Small and thin to fit behind TV, lay flat or on a window
  • 15-foot cable included
  • Frustration-free – Easy installation
  • The average cost of a cable or satellite bill in our region is $130 to $200 per month.

If you are overpaying for dozens of channels you don’t want to get the few channels you need, today we have a deal that can help you cut the cord.


Your monthly fees are TOO expensive.

Your service may be unreliable and customer service is poor.

That’s how I feel about cable, Direct TV and Dish – it’s insulting.

The problem was that over the air antennas:

  • Weren’t powerful enough
  • Not HD quality reception
  • Didn’t pick up local stations
  • That all changed about a year ago
  • But the next set of problems were:

A good antenna HD was over $200.

Good news – technology solved that as well.

  • Easy to install on wall, tabletop or window
  • Mobile
  • Small & easy to set up

You’ll be pleased, shockingly strong signal and easy to use.

Decibel HD-TV Long Range Digital Antenna & Amplifier

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