About Us

Tech is a geeky thing. While it was not cool being part of the computer club in middle-school when the rest of the “popular” guys were on the football, baseball and basketball teams, it paid off in the end. We get to do what we love: testing, reviewing and playing with tech related products every day!  Furthermore, it’s even better that we can find it and offer it for others to enjoy – at a big discount! Our objective is simple, find popular products that are functional, fun and life improving and offer them at the best prices available.

Sometimes inventory is tricky and we are left with low quantities of great products. We will do our best to always supply adequate inventory at fantastic prices.

Our products are new and unopened. We offer major international brand name products as well as lesser known but high quality brands.

So browse our products and rest assure that all of your purchases are encrypted and secure.

In the end, it’s fun to be a geek!

Billy & Duke