Pur-well – Anti-Aging WRINKLE FREEZING MOISTURIZER 30ML (Restore)

What It Does: At last, a skincare product that does what it says and can literally freeze time! This rich moisturizer reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stopping them in their tracks thanks to its miracle ingredient, the polypeptide Argireline®. In combination with other ingredients, skin is left moist, smooth and age defying.

Directions: Apply daily, morning and night, to the nose, cheeks and forehead and gently massage into the face using an upward motion.

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NaturaBase microemulsion provides a stable base for active ingredients that are both aqueous and oil soluble.

How it Works: Pharmaceutical grade polypeptide Argireline® works in the same way as Botulinum Toxin A by blocking neurotransmitters in the skin. This causes facial muscles to relax and prevents the development of expression wrinkles particularly around the mouth and forehead. Combined with the other ingredients it can visibly reduce signs of ageing in a matter of weeks.